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We advise creative agencies and media outlets on a range of legal matters in our areas of expertise generally and in particular intellectual property issues, and compliance with industry standards and consumer protection requirements.

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IP Licence Agreement

Commercialise and protect your intellectual property (“IP”) rights with our comprehensive IP Licence Agreement. This fully automated solution is perfect for artists, writers, designers, researchers, inventors and any other owner or creator of intellectual property. Highly customisable in relation to royalties/license fees and restrictions on use

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Deed of Assignment of IP

Transfer all types of intellectual property (“IP”) rights with this flexible and powerful automated Deed of Assignment of IP. Can be used to transfer both existing and/or future intellectual property rights. Suitable for use as a stand-alone document or alongside a services or sale of business agreement

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Consent to Use of Quote, Image or Recording

Obtaining a proper written release and consent before publishing any testimonial, promotional photo or audio/video recording is the best way to minimise the possibility for legal complaints or claims. Use this simple but effective document to obtain the permission you need.

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NDA – 1 page

When circumstances prevent the use of a full-form confidentiality agreement, our ingenious single-paged NDA is the solution you need to protect your confidential information. Provides one-way confidentiality between a single disclosing party and single recipient all on one page.

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