Some of our litigation services

Building & Construction
Consumer protection
Contract disputes
Copyright infringement
Debt recovery
Dispute resolution
Family Law
Litigation funding
Shareholder disputes
Shipping / admiralty claims


Litigation constitutes an undesirable risk to most businesses. It can be disruptive and costly in monetary terms and to your time.

Our litigation lawyers are able to pre-empt and extinguish the threat of litigation before the risk arises through strategic legal advice.

Where litigation is a realistic possibility, our commercial litigation lawyers are able to effectively negotiate with the other party where appropriate in order to secure your position in terms of costs if it is necessary for the matter to proceed to trial, and potentially avoid the need for the time and expense of litigation by achieving an early commercial settlement.

If however litigation has become unavoidable, our litigation lawyers can react effectively and vigorously and have a broad domestic and international knowledge base to deal with the various issues which may arise. As disputes lawyers we act in all Australian Courts and Tribunals in relation to matters such as:

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