I/we have read, understand and accept the Costs Agreement in our personal capacity. 

Further, if it is necessary for me/us to act on behalf of a company, organization, business or other entity, or an entity or business is named as the client in the Costs Agreement, I/we also accept the Costs Agreement on behalf of that entity / business.

I/we hereby warrant that:

  1. I/we have obtained all approvals, consents and authorisations necessary to and am duly authorised to enter into this Costs Agreement in my/our personal capacity and on behalf of the entity / business named as the client in the Costs Agreement.
  2. Each named client in the Costs Agreement has the necessary capacity and power to perform their obligations under the Costs Agreement; and
  3. The terms and conditions in the Costs Agreement are legally valid, binding and enforceable on the parties to it.


I understand that if I/we continue to provide instructions after receiving the Costs Agreement that this will be deemed acceptance of the Costs Agreement.  Nevertheless, I/we also acknowledge that no obligation arises to perform any services until a valid and duly signed acceptance in writing is received by Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers Pty Ltd.