Additional damages for copyright infringement

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Under Australian law, victims of copyright infringement may be entitled to an account of profits or compensatory damages under s.115 (2) of the Copyright Act 1951 (Cth) (Copyright Act). Additional damages may also be available under section 115(4) of the Copyright Act.  That section provides: (4)Where, in an action under this section: (a)an infringement of copyright is established; and (b)the […]

Damages for Republication of Defamatory Statement by Third Party

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Milne v Ell [2017] NSWSC 555 Home This case serves as a reminder of how liability for defamatory statements can extend to the republication of the statement by third parties, even where the republication has not been expressly authorised (but impliedly authorised).  In summary, an original publisher will be liable for the repetition of his […]