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Our small business lawyers provide fast and cost effective fixed fee legal services so that you have certainty upfront on your total costs without compromising on quality.  Contact our small business lawyers to discuss your project and requirements so that we can tailor a competitive quote for you instantly!  

Featured online document solutions

Consent to Use of Quote, Image or Recording

Obtaining a proper written release and consent before publishing any testimonial, promotional photo or audio/video recording is the best way to minimise the possibility for legal complaints or claims. Use this simple but effective document to obtain the permission you need.

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Deed of Assignment of IP

Transfer all types of intellectual property (“IP”) rights with this flexible and powerful automated Deed of Assignment of IP. Can be used to transfer both existing and/or future intellectual property rights. Suitable for use as a stand-alone document or alongside a services or sale of business agreement

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Appointment of company officers (director approvals package)

This pack will generate the required board resolutions and related documents for the directors of a company to appoint up to 5 new additional directors and/or company secretaries. This includes a notice of the board meeting, if required, as well as customised consents to act as a director/company secretary for each new officer.

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Terms of business for services

Create fully customised terms of business to match your business’s specific needs and circumstances. Designed to be provided alongside a proposal, quote, work order or similar document, this solution offers unrivalled flexibility in the areas of ownership of intellectual property, payment and invoicing, termination options, indemnity, non-solicitation provisions and more.

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Confidentiality agreement

T: +61 2 8005 7388 E: Please provide all the requested information and follow the prompts to receive your document and a complementary consult.

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Employment Contract

Our full-form, top-tier quality Employment Contract has been meticulously drafted to set the “gold standard” for employment contracts in Australia. This is a highly comprehensive document, designed for use by employers who are serious about protecting their business from liability and competition. Use this for everything from a casual assistant position to a high-level professional or executive role.

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