Startup bundle

Our startups bundle caters for the entrepreneur who wants to set their business up for success and comes with the most commonly used documents needed to protect a new or growing enterprise. 

At $2,450 + GST including a one hour consultation this provides a cost effective solution.  Any tailoring of these documents by a commercial lawyer is also provided at discounted fixed fee rates which vary depending on your requirements. 

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The following documents are included:

Services Agreement for a Single Client

This is a top-tier quality Services Agreement containing comprehensive terms for the provision of services by a specific service provider to a particular identified client. Designed to generally favour the service provider, including non-solicitation provisions. Flexible enough to cover almost any type of services and any arrangement structure.

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Terms of business for services

Create fully customised terms of business to match your business’s specific needs and circumstances. Designed to be provided alongside a proposal, quote, work order or similar document, this solution offers unrivalled flexibility in the areas of ownership of intellectual property, payment and invoicing, termination options, indemnity, non-solicitation provisions and more.

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Independent Contractor Agreement

Engaging staff as independent contractors rather than employees requires a carefully constructed Independent Contractor Agreement. Our automated solution is highly flexible across all areas, including the scope of services, fees, invoicing and payment structures. Includes features designed to protect your business.

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Employment Contract

Our full-form, top-tier quality Employment Contract has been meticulously drafted to set the “gold standard” for employment contracts in Australia. This is a highly comprehensive document, designed for use by employers who are serious about protecting their business from liability and competition. Use this for everything from a casual assistant position to a high-level professional or executive role.

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Shareholders’ or Unitholders’ Deed

Whether you have a high-tech startup, are looking to do a large-scale joint venture or buying an investment property with friends/family, avoid uncertainty and disputes with this full-form, top-tier-quality Shareholders’ Agreement (which can also adapt to be a Unitholders’ Agreement). Suitable for any co-ownership arrangement, this document has been meticulously drafted to standards that meet or even exceed those of the largest Australian and international law firms.

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Website Terms of Use

Our customised Website Terms of Use include comprehensive rules governing how people can use your website, along with strong, top-tier quality disclaimers and limitations of liability. Suitable for everything from brochure websites to online stores, directories and marketplaces.

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Website Returns Policy

If you sell physical goods on your website, you need a clear and well-constructed Returns Policy. Use this document to clarify when refunds are available, how refunds are provided and the rules regarding shipping costs for returns.

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Privacy Policy

If your business collects any personal information, there may be strict privacy protection obligations that you need to follow. Tailored to suit your website and your business, our automated solution is the quickest and easiest way to ensure that you have a professional policy in place.

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Deed of Access and Indemnity

Protect your company directors from personal liability with our top-tier quality Deed of Access and Indemnity. Expanding on statutory rights, it provides directors with access to company books and indemnifies them against legal costs and liabilities. Also provides for the company to take out and pay for directors and officers (D&O) insurance.

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Change of company name (shareholder approvals package)

Use this streamlined package to approve a change in the name of your company. Answer a few simple questions and our solution will produce minutes of a shareholder meeting, or written resolutions of the shareholders, to implement the change. This automatically includes a notice of the meeting as well as customised consents to short notice if required.

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Appointment of company officers (director approvals package)

This pack will generate the required board resolutions and related documents for the directors of a company to appoint up to 5 new additional directors and/or company secretaries. This includes a notice of the board meeting, if required, as well as customised consents to act as a director/company secretary for each new officer.

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Deed of Assignment of IP

Transfer all types of intellectual property (“IP”) rights with this flexible and powerful automated Deed of Assignment of IP. Can be used to transfer both existing and/or future intellectual property rights. Suitable for use as a stand-alone document or alongside a services or sale of business agreement

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Consent to Use of Quote, Image or Recording

Obtaining a proper written release and consent before publishing any testimonial, promotional photo or audio/video recording is the best way to minimise the possibility for legal complaints or claims. Use this simple but effective document to obtain the permission you need.

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NDA – 1 page

When circumstances prevent the use of a full-form confidentiality agreement, our ingenious single-paged NDA is the solution you need to protect your confidential information. Provides one-way confidentiality between a single disclosing party and single recipient all on one page.

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Confidentiality agreement

T: +61 2 8005 7388 E: Please provide all the requested information and follow the prompts to receive your document and a complementary consult. Call us on +61 2 8005 7388 or contact us at This is a tool to assist clients with the efficient production of tailored legal documents. Although the documents are automatically tailored using conditional logic and based on answers that you provide, this

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Free legal health check for individuals and businesses

Answer a series of questions about your circumstances and a report will be generated and sent to you to identify areas for improvement.  Ask us for a follow up discussion and advice.


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