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Soon after his admission, Patrick worked as a Judge’s Associate in the District Court of NSW. This assisted him to understand the inner workings of the judicial system and how to achieve excellent results in court. Since completing his Associateship, Patrick has practised across multiple practice areas, including criminal and commercial litigation, in both boutique and large national firms.

Admitted to Practice

  • Solicitor & Barrister of The Supreme Court of New South Wales (2014)
  • Solicitor & Barrister of the High Court of Australia


  • Leasing disputes (having previously acted for one of Australia’s largest landlord’s)
  • Building and construction disputes
  • Contractual disputes (such as franchise and business disputes)
  • Debt disputes (including recovery)
  • Real property disputes (such as forced sales and ‘Put and Call’ option disputes)
  • Easement disputes
  • Neighbourhood disputes (including trees, hedges and fences)
  • Criminal defence (Local Court, District Court & the LEC)

Published Judgments as Advocate

  • Hunters Hill Council v Carter [2018] NSWLEC 84
  • Francisco Palacios v Margaritte Joanne Colefax [2018] NSWLEC 1062
  • Briggs v Commissioner for Fair Trading Department of Finance, Services and Innovation [2018] NSWCATOD 175

Selected Cases


  • Solicitor with carriage of a matter concerning a disputed easement. The matter involved ten plaintiffs, nine expert witnesses and was listed for a five-day hearing. The matter is now before the New South Wales Court of Appeal.
  • Solicitor with carriage of a matter concerning a contested application for the sale of a property. The matter involved a myriad of equitable trust issues and was listed for a four-day hearing before it settled partway through the hearing.


  • Acted as advocate for the defendant in Class 5 proceedings. This matter required drafting an Agreed Statement of Facts, multiple character witness affidavits and an affidavit for the defendant along with written submissions. The sentencing hearing went for a full day and involved the defendant giving oral evidence supplementing his affidavit.
  • Acted as advocate for an applicant in Class 2 proceedings involving an application to remove a tree located on a neighbouring property. The hearing lasted one day and was conducted on site.

Local Court

  • Solicitor with carriage of a matter concerning a construction dispute. The matter involved contributory negligence and proportionate liability. There were two defendants and three expert witnesses. Ultimately, the matter settled before the hearing.
  • Acted as advocate for a defendant/cross-claimant in relation to a motor vehicle accident involving allegations of contributory negligence. The hearing was heard over four non-consecutive days.
  • Acted as advocate on behalf of a defendant charged with manslaughter in a bail application hearing.


  • Acted as advocate for an appellant seeking a builder’s licence. The hearing lasted one day and involved cross-examining five witnesses and giving supplementary oral submissions at the conclusion of the evidence.


  • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University