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Tailored business law advice in Sydney.

Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers provides tailored business law solutions for small, medium, and enterprise businesses in Sydney. From contracts, to trademarks, copyright, commercial leases, debt recovery, and much more.

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    Sydney’s Business Law Experts

    Protect your business and navigate Australia’s complex legal framework with an experienced team of Sydney business lawyers by your side.

    Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers is a specialist law firm in Sydney providing tailored legal advice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From small to enterprise-level business law matters, the HG Law team provides legal solutions that safeguard your business and ensure long-term success.

    Our accessible fixed-fee pricing model means that you’ll pay for work completed, not for time spent watching the clock. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is backed by decades of experience tackling a range of complex business law matters. For ongoing support or one-off legal counsel, our team can help you to navigate matters with confidence and ease.

    Tailored Business Law Solutions in Sydney

    Our Sydney business lawyers specialise in the intricacies of commercial and corporate law matters. In Australia, business law is governed by a complex litany of laws and regulations that can be difficult to understand. Our multidisciplinary business law team are committed to finding solutions that resolve your law problems as efficiently as possible.


    Sydney Business Lawyers Focus Areas

    Intellectual Property

    Specialised intellectual property (IP) lawyers in Sydney working across a range of IP law matters including copyright infringement, patent infringement, trade secrets infringement, trademark infringement, and more.  

    Small Business Law

    Whether you’re just starting out, or facing some hurdles, our small business lawyers can help you to take care of the legal complexities. From setting up a business, to structuring, restructuring, and navigating any challenges that arise.

    Contract Lawyers

    Contracts are the backbone of your business, so it’s essential that you get them right. These legal documents govern the relationship between the business and its customers, employees, suppliers, and partners.

    Copyright Lawyers

    Copyright infringement law protection for businesses and individuals that ensures protection against any infringement to intellectual property that occurs under the guise of copyright infringement protected by the Copyright Act 1968.

    Defamation Lawyers

    Defamation law protection ensures your business isn’t harmed by someone else’s words or slander. We protect businesses against libel and slander, as well as consult on the best course of action to protect your brand and your business.

    Debt Recovery

    Debt recovery legal services that ensure your business doesn’t become a victim of non-payment. We help businesses to recover owed finances, manage debtors, and ensure that cash flow remains consistent and predictable.

    Commercial Leases

    Commercial lease guidance and advice for landlords and tenants. Our Commercial lease law specialists work across retail, commercial, licence, and sublease matters to protect businesses and safeguard your best interests.

    Start-Up Lawyers

    Start-up law specialists that provide expert guidance and support for start-ups and new business ventures. Expert advice and support for entrepreneurs, SMEs, with practical legal advice that empowers business growth.

    Trademark Law

    Trademark registration and brand protection that ensures your business name, logo, image, shape, sound, and anything else that is synonymous with your brand enjoys in all Australian states and territories.

    Workplace Law

    Expert workplace and employment lawyers dedicated to helping you resolve employment disputes, safeguarding your reputation, and providing expert legal guidance that effectively resolves workplace law matters in a timely manner.

    Corporate Law & Structuring

    Develop a new business or restructure an existing one with confidence thanks to our expert corporate law and structuring lawyers in Sydney. Tailored solutions that help you structure your business in the best possible way.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) law services for small to large businesses across a range of different industries. Navigate complex M&A law and ensure a favourable outcome for your business sale or purchase.

    Our Sydney Business Lawyer Team

    sydney commercial lawyers

    Christopher Chang

    Chris was originally admitted as a solicitor in England & Wales and worked in London for an award winning and highly regarded firm established in 1881. 

    commercial litigation lawyer sydney

    Tass Angelopoulos

    Tass is a specialist employment lawyer with over 30 years experience. He has been a solicitor, a barrister and an industrial advocate.


    Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca is a Senior Lawyer practicing in commercial and civil litigation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I engage a business lawyer?

    The best time to engage a lawyer for your business is at the start. Engaging a lawyer from the outset means that your business follows sound legal advice and avoids common pitfalls that incur unexpected expenses down the line. By engaging with a business lawyer in Sydney form the outset, you’ll develop a relationship with a team that can provide ongoing advice and solutions if and when they arise.

    Which industries do you work with?

    Our Sydney business lawyers work with clients across a range of different industries including professional, scientific, and technical services, construction, healthcare, retail trade, education and training, accommodation and food services, arts and recreation, electricity and water services, manufacturing, IT and telecommunications, manufacturing, and wholesale trade. Based on your circumstances, our business lawyers in Sydney provide tailored advice and support.

    How do you charge for business law services?

    We provide fixed-fee business law services that are based on results – not time. Our cost capping, blended rates, and combinations ensure that your business enjoys cost-effective legal advice as needed. For businesses that require ongoing support, HG Essential Counsel provides weekly/monthly costing structures for advice on tap.

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