We specialise in only two areas of expertise and provide cost effective fixed fee legal solutions.  By focusing our attention on only two areas of law we can provide you with the expertise that you need.  

In addition, our low overheads and business model mean that you don’t need to pay for our expensive offices and we don’t need to charge you for each call or by the hour.  Instead we focus on ensuring that you are provided with excellent service and that you are provided with true value for money with costing structures based on results, and not time.


Our Sydney business lawyers take the time to understand our clients, their businesses, and the industries and markets within which they operate. As commercial lawyers we work with you to achieve your commercial objectives, leaving you to do what you do best.  

Our expertise in this field includes legal advice in relation to:

If you are looking for a business lawyer or commercial lawyer who can deliver cost effective and commercially intelligent results contact us.  We can provide you with a free initial consult, fixed fee quote, and more information about how our business lawyers and commercial lawyers in Sydney can help you.  

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Litigation constitutes an undesirable risk to most businesses. It can be disruptive and costly in monetary terms and to your time.

Our disputes lawyers are able to pre-empt and extinguish the threat of litigation before the risk arises through strategic legal advice.

Where litigation is a realistic possibility, we are able to effectively negotiate with the other party where appropriate in order to secure your position in terms of costs if it is necessary for the matter to proceed to trial, and potentially avoid the need for the time and expense of litigation by achieving an early commercial settlement.

If however litigation has become unavoidable, our disputes lawyers can react effectively and vigorously and have a broad domestic and international knowledge base to deal with the various issues which may arise. We act in all Australian Courts and Tribunals in relation to all types of business litigation as well personal disputes such as:

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