Small Business Lawyers Sydney

Providing expert legal services for small businesses across Sydney

Specialised legal advice for small businesses in Sydney across a range of matters – from obligations, to disputes. The Heathfield Grosvenor small business solicitors deliver targeted assistance to meet legal obligations, so that you can focus on running and growing your organisation.

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    Legal Guidance for Small Businesses

    Helping small local businesses to meet their legal obligations and navigate complex legal issues.

    Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers provide bespoke legal solutions tailored to the needs of small businesses in Sydney, ensuring legal compliance with industry standards and workplace law, as well as offering expert business law advice to safeguard commercial interests.

    Our small business solicitors in Sydney offer clear and concise legal solutions based on fixed-fee pricing, that are customised to match the unique resources and legal needs of a small business. Contact us today or fill out the form below to discuss how our small business lawyers in Sydney can support your organisation.

    Our tailored contract law solutions and fixed-fee pricing ensures favourable, cost-effective outcomes that safeguard the best interests of our clientele. Get in touch or fill out the form on this page to find out how a contract lawyer in Sydney can help your business.

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    Legal Areas Covered by Our Small Business Lawyers

    Protecting businesses’ trademarks and intellectual property from competitors or other parties that misuse or infringe on business assets.

    Corporate Law and Structure

    Tailored advice for corporate law, such as incorporation, shareholder agreements, and general corporate law best practices to minimise risk and continue operations smoothly.

    Workplace Law

    Legal advice on employment matters and meeting workplace legal requirements, including drafting contracts and creating policies like Codes of Conduct and Equal Employment Opportunity Policies.

    Drafting and reviewing tailored legal documents and contracts, ensuring that adequate coverage for business activities is included.

    Privacy Law

    Strategies for dealing with sensitive client information (medical, financial), including drafting a robust and legally compliant privacy policy.

    Effective resolution for small business disputes, including commercial and intellectual property issues, through cease-and-desist letters, trademark and copyright infringement notices, and court proceedings.

    Our Sydney Small Business Lawyer Team

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    Christopher Chang

    Chris was originally admitted as a solicitor in England & Wales and worked in London for an award winning and highly regarded firm established in 1881. 

    commercial litigation lawyer sydney

    Tass Angelopoulos

    Tass is a specialist employment lawyer with over 30 years experience. He has been a solicitor, a barrister and an industrial advocate.


    Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca is a Senior Lawyer practicing in commercial and civil litigation.

    FAQs for Small Business Law Services

    What is the value of working with a small business lawyer in Sydney?

    Small businesses, such as startups and entrepreneurs, often lack an effective legal support structure in place to address complex legal issues. Even a minor mistake in an official document could result in costly consequences which is why getting the right legal expertise is so critical for business owners who are not familiar with the complexities of corporate law. 

    Small business lawyers are familiar with the common legal requirements and concerns faced by small businesses and can readily provide the right legal advice to solve or prevent them.

    What are the common legal pitfalls encountered by small businesses?

    Small businesses in Sydney are subject to strict laws that govern their activities, and inadvertently breaching them results in costly and disruptive consequences. Some of the most common legal issues faced by small businesses include:

    • Incorrect tax declarations
    • Not obtaining the appropriate licencing
    • Breaching employment laws
    • Insufficient intellectual property protection
    • Improper consumer and privacy laws
    Which industries do Heathfield Grosvenor work with?

    Our solicitors working with small businesses have competent expertise in providing legal advice for clients across major industries from professional, scientific, and technical services, construction, healthcare, retail trade, education and training, to accommodation and food services, arts and recreation, electricity and water services, manufacturing, IT and telecommunications, manufacturing, and wholesale trade.

    How much will it cost to work with a small business lawyer in Sydney?

    The cost of working with a small business lawyer in Sydney will depend on the extent of legal services required. Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers provides services based on a fixed-fee structure that focuses on achieving the desired outcome, in a concise manner.

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