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    Dispute Resolution Legal Guidance

    Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers experienced team of Dispute Resolution lawyers in Sydney provide legal guidance across a range of commercial litigation & dispute resolution matters. We specialise in a range of matters from straight-forward, to the more complex including class actions, negligence claims, insurance disputes, professional indemnity cases, defamation and reputational risks, employment disputes, and debt recovery.

    Our experienced dispute resolution law team provides transparent legal guidance and resolution for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses in Sydney. Backed by decades of experience and effective mediation, negotiation, and arbitration processes, our Sydney dispute resolution lawyers aim to secure a swift and favourable outcome that empowers our clients to move forward with confidence.

    How Our Dispute Resolution Lawyers Can Help

    Class Actions

    Legal support for class action cases requires a unique approach that considers the collective interests of multiple parties (a minimum of 7 parties). For eligible cases, class action cases provide a pathway for justice and greater corporate and social accountability. Class action cases are not simply a pathway for those with limited financial resources, they are a collective action that can effectively reduce risks, costs, and time involved for all parties.

    Negligence Claims

    Expert negligence lawyers that help you seek rightful compensation as a result of someone else’s negligence. Whether that comes in the form of professional incompetence, poor financial advice, or misrepresentation by another party, negligence claims are a pathway to recoup losses and damages to help you get back on steady ground.

    Insurance Disputes

    Insurance dispute lawyers providing guidance and support across a range of common insurance disputes relating to sickness and accidents, death benefits, travel, and more. Our goal is to empower clients by informing them of their rights and steering them towards the best outcome with knowledgeable guidance that resolves the insurance dispute in a swift and favourable manner.

    Professional Indemnity

    Professional indemnity law guidance that addresses the unique challenges of claims made in policies. Some of the most common professional indemnity matters include defending claims, dispute resolution, compliance and regulatory requirements, and risk management. Our clients include professional services, financial service providers, medical practitioners, and engineers.

    Defamation & Reputational Risk

    Protecting clients from defamation and reputational risk through proven strategies that enact legal protection for your reputation. With increased access to information and platforms being more accessible than ever before, our goal remains to protect the interests of our clients against defamation actions that may appear in traditional mediums and emerging platforms including online and social media.

    Employment Disputes

    Our employment dispute lawyers provide assistance through all stages of litigation proceedings relation to employment including disputes, discrimination claims, wrongful termination suits, compliance with employment regulations, and more. We provide representation and guidance on behalf of employees and employers involved in employment disputes.

    Debt Recovery

    Debt recovery and dispute resolution lawyers assisting businesses and sole traders with recovery services for unpaid debts. Our resolution-first approach effectively reduces the timeline for debt recovery and ensures that our clients spend less time and money recovering unpaid debts.

    Shareholder and director disputes

    Resolving disputes between shareholders and directors with effective mediation and negotiation strategies to prevent issues from escalating further and finding a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.

    Intellectual property disputes

    Intellectual property disputes lawyers that provide specialised legal assistance in safeguarding and defending your business’ valuable intellectual property assets, as well as enforce ownership rights in cases of infringement or other similar claims on them.

    Contractual disputes

    Contractual dispute legal services that aid in resolving breaches to terms of a contract by parties, including clarifying interpretation and understanding of the terms, mediation and arbitration, and if necessary, representation in court.  

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    Our Sydney Dispute Resolution Law Team

    sydney commercial lawyers

    Christopher Chang

    Chris was originally admitted as a solicitor in England & Wales and worked in London for an award winning and highly regarded firm established in 1881. 

    commercial litigation lawyer sydney

    Tass Angelopoulos

    Tass is a specialist employment lawyer with over 30 years experience. He has been a solicitor, a barrister and an industrial advocate.


    Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca is a Senior Lawyer practicing in commercial and civil litigation.

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