Directors Duties Lawyers Sydney

Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers provides legal guidance across a range of directors’ duties and obligations set out in legislation and common law. Gain practical legal insights and guidance across a range of common disputes that arise between directors, shareholders, and external third parties.

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    Business Ownership Directors Duties

    Tailored legal services that ensure the best interests of your business. Expert legal guidance on a range of directors’ duties and business ownership matters to help you navigate your responsibilities and obligations as a director or owner.

    From small businesses to enterprise-level companies, Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers provide specific legal advice that is crucial to the success and legal compliance of your business. Backed by decades of experience, HG Law offers a proactive approach that includes advice, risk management, and strategic planning.

    Directors Duties Lawyers Sydney

    Business Ownership Directors Duty Matters We Cover

    Breach of directors’ duties

    Directors are responsible for the governance and management of the company. Directors must act in good faith to protect the interests of the company and the stakeholders. In cases where a breach has occurred, our lawyers provide guidance on matters that may result in civil or criminal sanctions.

    Providing guidance on acting in the best interests of the company

    Whether you’re a director or a stakeholder, our team can provide an independent assessment and advice to ensure director and ownership compliance.

    Advising on avoiding conflicts of interest

    Where a conflict arises, our expert team provide guidance and/or defence on the basis of the matter.

    Ensuring due care and diligence in decision-making

    Ensuring that directors act in a manner that does not breach their duty of care or diligence.

    Legal support to prevent actions for improper purposes or misuse of position

    Guidance and counsel under the Under s 182 (1) of the Corporations Act (‘the Act’) ensuring that directors act in a way that does not gain an advantage to themselves or cause detriment to the company.

    Assisting in maintaining discretion in directorial decisions

    Ensuring that directors meet fiduciary duties and legal duties when managing a company.

    Consulting on issues related to personal profits from directorial positions

    Company directors may be paid through director’s salary, directors’ fees or company dividends. We provide guidance on matters pertaining to instances where improper personal profits may arise from directorial positions.

    Helping with disclosure of material personal interests

    Legal advice and experienced guidance for directors accused of breaches to directors’ duties or conflicts of interests.

    Our Sydney Business Ownership & Directors Duties Lawyers

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    Christopher Chang

    Chris was originally admitted as a solicitor in England & Wales and worked in London for an award winning and highly regarded firm established in 1881. 

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    Tass Angelopoulos

    Tass is a specialist employment lawyer with over 30 years experience. He has been a solicitor, a barrister and an industrial advocate.


    Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca is a Senior Lawyer practicing in commercial and civil litigation.

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