Asic Registered Office Requirements

When starting a business in Australia, it is essential to comply with various legal and administrative obligations. One crucial requirement is to have an ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) registered office. The registered office serves as the official address for your company, where important documents and communications will be sent by ASIC, the regulatory authority for companies in Australia. In this informative page, we will discuss the ASIC registered office requirements and their significance.

  1. Definition of a Registered Office: A registered office is the official address of a company that is registered with ASIC. It must be a physical location within Australia where ASIC and other government agencies can send official correspondence and legal documents.

  2. Importance of a Registered Office: The registered office plays a crucial role in ensuring legal compliance and maintaining effective communication between ASIC, shareholders, and other stakeholders. It serves as the primary point of contact for ASIC, and all important documents, such as annual reports, notices, and legal correspondence, are sent to this address.

  3. Requirements for a Registered Office: To meet ASIC’s requirements, your registered office must adhere to the following criteria:

    a. Physical Address: The registered office must be a physical address, not a post office box or virtual office. It should be a location where your company’s books, records, and registers can be accessed by ASIC and other authorized parties.

    b. Availability: The registered office must be accessible to ASIC during normal business hours. This means someone must be present at the office to receive and process any correspondence delivered by ASIC.

    c. Public Display: The registered office address must be displayed on various company documents, including the company’s website, business letters, invoices, and other official communications.

    d. Change Notification: If you intend to change your registered office address, you must notify ASIC within 28 days of the change. Failure to provide this notification can result in penalties or non-compliance issues.

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