No matter the size or value of your building or construction project, at Heathfield Grosvenor our lawyers can assist you with all stages of the development cycle including engagement of your project team, contract preparation, negotiation, documentation, and administration as well as dispute resolution and debt recovery in the event things go wrong.

Contract negotiation and documentation

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or contractor, a well-drafted contract is essential to the preservation of your interests in any construction project. It is necessary, even if you should elect to use a standard form contract, that you retain the advice of a lawyer to ensure that it is adequately amended to suit the circumstances of your particular building or construction project.

At Heathfield Grosvenor, our experienced building and construction lawyers can engage in contract negotiations on your behalf with a mind for protecting your interests and thereby mitigating the risk of possible future disputes.

Building and construction dispute resolution

At Heathfield Grosvenor, we adopt dispute resolution strategies designed to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions. Therefore, our litigation and dispute resolution specialists prioritise mediation or alternative dispute resolution, where it is appropriate in the circumstances (noting however the need to avoid duplicity of time and costs because in some cases the parties are so far apart that further discussion would only serve to increase costs).

If litigation becomes unavoidable, we will advocate on your behalf in a manner consistent with our objective of offering effective and affordable legal solutions. Whatever strategy is pursued, it is developed with an understanding of your circumstance and objectives in the dispute. It is this thoughtful planning, in combination with the substantial experience of our litigation experts, that facilitates the delivery of effective and affordable resolutions. Further, this experience enables us to pre-empt disputes and thus manage their impact on your building and construction project.

Debt recovery 

At Heathfield Grosvenor we approach debt recovery in much the same way; beginning with an understanding of your circumstance and objectives to inform a strategy that is centred on delivering timely, cost-effective and commercially intelligent resolutions. We want you to avoid throwing good money after bad, and thus believe that when it comes to debts, it is preferable to be proactive rather than reactive. The engagement of one of our building and construction lawyers at the contract development stage may allow you to avoid the commercial drain of debt recovery proceedings in future.

For more information on our approach to debt recovery at Heathfield Grosvenor, please visit our dedicated debt recovery page.

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